COMMUNITY | Planetizen poll on empty car yards

Posted on 23/08/2009


Just thought I would post this. It’s the result of a recent Planetizen brainstorm and poll (May 2009) about what to do with empty car yards with the recent announcement that many will be closing. The most popular idea – ask the local community what they need – is one that I proposed! Rather than impose new uses on these sites and local communities, it seemed to make some sense to ask the community first and make some place-based or site specific inquiries. Different sites and places will yield different opportunities for redevelopment or rehabilitation:

It’s probably not too surprising to see which idea came out on top, as it speaks to the essence of planning. Most voters chose the idea of asking the locals what their community needs. One of the basic tenets of planning is to work with community stakeholders to build consensus about what a place needs, not to come in with a prescribed solution (which many of the other ideas are) … In a way, the selection of ‘Ask the local residents what the community needs’ as the winning idea speaks volumes about the care and consideration going into planning processes around the country.


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