ESSAY | Litter

Posted on 25/08/2009


In keeping with my previous post, I’m focused on local improvement again. Last weekend, John came home irritated. He reported that someone had obviously cleared out the contents of their ute tray and dumped it next to the creek on the other side of the main road. Leaving cement, paint and other materials to wash into the creek or blow onto the road. It prompted us to find out about litter in our locality.

I know from my daily walks either to the train station for work or around the neighbourhood that there a lot of litter around. So on the tailend of John’s irritation we decided to document it along the main road. In doing this, we thought we might have gain some insight into littering and the relationship of litter to design, roads, suburbs and planning. So I prepared this visual essay using photograph that document what it looks like. Perhaps the images also convey how it feels to be walking through these areas. For me, it’s the iteration of uncared for and uncaring places – set in a drive by, drive through environment – that is particularly grating. The essay has been posted to SlideShare.

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