COMMISSION | Proboscis’ Transformations Series

Posted on 28/11/2009


My commission for Proboscis’ Transformations Series is now online. Using the Proboscis publishing platforms of Storycube and Bookleteer, I have produced two small publications titled ‘From an Outer Suburban Life’ exploring the questions why are we who we are? and what do we want to become?

My work considers my local suburban environment and the possibilities for change – the area bears all the hallmarks of outer suburban development and in this spatial complex I am considering how this pattern shapes us as individuals and shapes our communities. With reference to notions of ‘dwelling’ (Heidegger), ‘redirective practice’ (Fry) and ‘synoikismos’ (Ingersoll), the ebook considers local encounters, responding in small ways, in thought and act, that disrupt – and ultimately transform – the pattern of suburban life. If we transform the suburbs and our way of thinking about them, can we transform ourselves and bring new futures into the realm of possibility? Can community and gathering displace consumerism and retreat? These works reflect on such transformative potential through experience and through relationships between self, community and place.

You can download the ebook and storycube from Proboscis’ website at:

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