PITHY | An observation

Posted on 19/12/2009


For many years, I had written as an art writer and it is interesting to reflect on this because now I tend to position my work as cultural writing or cultural journalism. While reviewing some older texts and interrogating it, my reading faltered on the words ‘ art world’ – or perhaps that should say ‘artworld’. It has a hermetic – almost claustrophobic or captive – feel to it and caused me to wonder about it. What is this artworld, where is it and what does it do? A quick Google doesn’t reveal much and for much of my 20 year engagement in the arts I simply didn’t think about it, just assumed there was an artworld and that I was somehow an agent in it or of it – albeit provisionally or conditionally. In my work about urban environments, I am yet to encounter a world within the world like this artworld, though for sure something like that exists. The urban is grounded yet concerned with cultural forms. Engagements with it often address the environmental and social dimensions of its making, shifting into a sphere of cultural awareness and reflexivity.

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