RENEW | Suburban Centres

Posted on 17/01/2010


I’ve been interested in suburban renewal and revitalisation for a while. As masterplanned communities open on greenfield sites, many established suburbs seem to be left floundering, hanging off tired and struggling centres that were established on earlier limited or single use planning priorities that were centred on car use. In other words, the local areas don’t offer a mix of live, work, play and learn options. Land is locked up in shopping centres and car parks. The figure and ground of my local area highlights the disjointedness.

This week at work I had cause to review Melbourne 2030 which presents a strategic framework for managing growth and natural resources over the next 20 years. It included the following image which demonstrates an approach to transitioning from a traditional car-based centre to a more dynamic mixed use centre that can drive economic development and social renewal.

From this …

To this …

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