CRIME | Caboolture Train Line

Posted on 26/01/2010


Recently The Brisbane Times released a report on reported crime statistics at Brisbane (and surrounds) train stations from the period 1 July 2007 – 30 June 2008. No crime statistics were available for Strathpine, which is why it is recorded as zero. Obviously, there is a relationship between the incidence of crime and the public perception of safety. I was curious to know if there were any notable spatial patterns so I plotted the results on a graph to give me a picture of the incidence of crime at train stations on the Caboolture line, which is the closest to my home. The statistics have been aggregated but were released by The Brisbane Times as types of crime and perhaps graphing them in that way might reveal more subtle patterns. The graph doesn’t reveal a pattern as such but I did note the lower crime rates in the inner urban areas (i.e. Albion and Wooloowin). Clearly more information is needed about the local areas in order to assert some correlations between level of use, crime rates, level of policing, demographics, urban design, surrounding land uses and the like. This also gives me some food for thought in relation to my earlier post about train stations as potential ‘community hubs’.

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