TEXT | Becoming urban

Posted on 06/09/2010


A task I’d set myself for today is to consider Brisbane’s changing urban landscape in light of some of the planning work I’ve been doing. I’d tentatively framed this as an exploration of the idea of ‘becoming urban’.The idea of ‘becoming’ is imprinted from my reading of Deleuze and Guattari – beings and becoming. So the idea of becoming urban can present an opportunity for considering the being of beings in the process of becoming through repetition and difference. Before commencing, I ran the term through a Google search which revealed Emma Felton’s 2007 PhD thesis, Becoming Urban: A Social and Cultural Study of Urban Change in Brisbane. So while the implications of becoming urban in Brisbane still warrant some considerations, especially from the perspective of textuality, I might need to find an alternative pathway through this question of urban ontology and/or poiesis. Felton’s thesis can be accessed online at http://www4.gu.edu.au:8080/adt-root/public/adt-QGU20071220.162244/

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