SPEAK | Rhetorical shift(y)

Posted on 09/09/2010


I attended a seminar on population growth in Queensland yesterday. Fascinating stuff. The Executive Director of Growth Management Queensland addressed the government’s agenda for growth management which includes community consultation. He stated that part of the strategy for consultation and communication was to present development issues in terms of ‘renewal’ and ‘housing choice’ rather than ‘density’ and ‘growth’. There is a certain degree of  ‘growth and development fatigue’ in the community and this is reflected in the outcomes from the Growth Management Summit held earlier this year. However, there is more to this process of negotiation and engagement than tinkering with the message. There’s a need for a much more sustained, action learning and collaborative approach to development and redevelopment e.g. my earlier post about Barcelona. People are smart enough to see through a thin veneer of rhetorical shift even if the messages are about presenting urban and place-based thinking in a more accessible and nuanced way.

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