IDEA | Changescapes II

Posted on 08/11/2010


I penned/typed the word ‘changescapes’ in my earlier post without really thinking much about it. However, after a few hours of playing with it in my mind, I’ve realised that this may be a potent idea that I can evolve into a practice methodology that engages and evokes thinking around landscape and cultural change: carrying forward some of the ideas in Placing. Neologisms can help us think beyond the confines of existing practice sets and biases. So I am considering the various possibilities:

  • Changescape & changescaping
  • Changescope & changescoping

When talking to my partner, John, he suggested the idea of ‘scapeshifting’. A web search reveals that the terms are in use in various ways, particularly as a company name, while ‘scapeshifting’ is the name of a game.

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