CHANGESCAPING | Publication in progress

Posted on 02/03/2011


I’ve been working on Changescaping, profiling projects and developing a sense of how the monograph will take shape. As always, I am trying to be lead by research and writing, foregrounding a process of learning and sharing. The publication will have five sections:

  • Thought – ideas and ideation, immaterial and intangible, provocations, propositions, designs, what if …
  • Talk – labs, conversations, catalysts, seminars, conferences, learning, stories
  • Process – ways and means of doing that are mindful and changeful, present other perspectives, networks, disruption, engagement
  • Make – prototypes, experiments, trials, one-offs, manifestation
  • Act – things that happen, doings, actions, networking, difference, platforming

The headings are supposed to create an easy way of engaging about changescaping that is reminiscent of a design process and highlights aspects of that process in a simple way. Change isn’t easy and there is usually a large dose of agitating and advocacy in the process.

I’m not yet decided whether to post work in progress on PlaceBlog or assemble everything when it’s done. At the moment, I am working on the first section and profiling a handful of projects including Reincarnated McMansion, Portable Parks and Q-Garland as well as larger scale ideas like an approach to post-flood recovery focused on urban agriculture and forest and citywide retrofitting. The list I presented in my previous post isn’t the whole list – it could change and I realise while looking at it that I omitted some projects, like Makeshift and Nnub.

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