MAP | Climate Change Vulnerability

Posted on 20/03/2011


This map, produced by researchers at McGill University, was sourced from the GIS and Science blog. It suggests that climate change will have greatest impact 
on the populations least responsible for causing the problem especially in Asia, South America and Africa. I note with interest that South East Queensland is one of the more vulnerable population centres and this confirms the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change warnings about the region as a potential hotspot. However, it is acknowledged that Australia is complicit and culpable in contributing to climate change as one of the highest greenhouse gas polluters.

Climate Change Vulnerability

Local vulnerability of human populations to climate change based on ecological and demographic models is depicted by regions in red which are expected to be most negatively impacted by climate change. White regions correspond to human density values of zero in the global population database. (Credit: McGill University)

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