THEORY | John Rajchman on and from Gilles Deleuze

Posted on 20/03/2011


I rediscovered a book in my shelves this morning – John Rajchman’s Constructions. My eyes were drawn to the grasshopper green spine and I immediately recalled how important and influential this little book has been on my thinking. It opens with a line of questioning.

What if the architectonic in Kant were not an overarching system but something that has itself to be constructed anew, in each case, in relation to fresh problems – something looser, more flexible, less complete, more irregular, a free plan in which things hang together without yet being held in place?

Rajchman continues in this ‘what if’ exploration to pose ideas about informal plans, the open, the unfinished – equating ‘to think’ with ‘to construct’ – “to build a free plan in which to move, invent concepts, unfold a drama”.

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