BLOGGING | Old words, new technologies

Posted on 14/04/2011


I’ve slightly infiltrated Penultimo’s comments about the recent Place Blogging Panel. There’s been some very interesting comments and discussions since the event and Jesse’s own comments about her own sense of place are particularly compelling. My most recent comment addresses some possibilities for placeblogging and offer a couple of final afterthoughts on this subject of placeblogging and what a blog can do. I am very interested in ideas of grounding and groundedness (these words appear repeatedly in this blog). In one of my blog posts, I also note the idea of the periplum which I understand as a kind of grounded or ground-level mapmaking from a poetic perspective. Another idea, which I haven’t written so much about, is that of chorography which refers to a technique of making maps, describing place and describing maps. Choragraphy fell out of use as the skills required for mapmaking become much more scientific and technical. So I enjoy the idea of restoring this word as a nod towards a kind of layperson’s approach to place, a lived and grounded experience. These ideas open up into potent possibilities for blogging as a mode of narrating, inscribing and writing place from the ground …

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