READ | Small Change

Posted on 16/04/2011


I am reading Small Change by Nabeel Hamdi, which reflects on the question ‘what is practice?’, a question that is increasingly important for artists, planners, writers, designers and others working in the built environment. It’s an important question for my Changescaping project which canvases examples of changing practice and practicing change. I tend to think about practice as doing, acting and being in the present and for the future, but Hamdi puts it differently, saying that practice “is about getting it right for now and at the same time being tactical and strategic about later. This is not about forecasting, nor about making decisions about the future. But it about the long range, about making sure that one plus one equals two or even three, about being politically connected and grounded, and about disturbing the order of things in the interests of change. Practice disturbs … practice – that skilful art of making things happen: of making informed choices and creating opportunities for change in a messy and unequal world – is a form of activism and demands entrepreneurship.”

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