ARTICLE | Shh. Listen.

Posted on 01/07/2011


My most recent article for Arts Hub is now online. The world hums and pulses with sound and hymn. An intrepid network of field recordists draws out these rhythms, recognising that these sensescapes have something to tell us if only we’d listen. Renowned cultural planner Charles Landry has noted that urbanisation results in a proliferation of sound and often the pleasurable sounds – like music, talking and laughing – are drowned out by noise. As individuals move around, plugged into their portable music devices, they are selectively removed from the auditory envelop of the city. On 18 July, World Listening Day draws us in to explore the role of sound in natural and cultural environments. An initiative of the World Listening Project, the global event reminds us that ‘some of our most profound experiences in life are not seen; they are heard’. Several Australians are putting their ears to work on and walk for World Listening Day: Perdita Phillips, Lawrence English, Australia Hears and Harbinger (John Armstrong and me).
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