CORRECTIONS | A quick fix

Posted on 24/08/2011


Just had a good and informative conversation with the local Councillor  for the neighbouring ward. One of the issues with Aspley is that Gympie Road tends to act like a boundary that effectively cuts the locality in half. So my recent email frenzy requesting some much needed attention to our declining area involved two each of Federal and Local elected representatives – only one State elected representative. I’ve been harbouring some misunderstandings about development in the local area. First, McDonalds did apparently consult on their redevelopment, though I am unsure how widely they consulted. Second, the apartment development on the site of the caravan parks is not yet resolved and there are delays in this project. Also, apparently Neighbourhood Planning has occurred – I had assumed that it hadn’t because we have a Local Area Plan rather than a Neighbourhood Plan.  My apologies for my misunderstanding and miscommunication. However, that doesn’t detract from my claim that given the degree of probable change in the area, there is a need for coherent and current neighbourhood planning and community visioning to ensure benefits for the community.

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