MILESTONE | 12 Urbanista texts

Posted on 05/09/2011


I write in a tangle of strange webs with never just one project on the go but many trajectories that ultimately spin out of control. Having just updated my flytrap website, where I retain an archive of writings, I realise that I have just completed 12 Urbanista pieces. Arts Hub publishes these texts which discuss aspects of urban innovation and creativity, often at the intersection of diverse practices, places and technologies (in a broad sense). This series of texts homes in on often small gestures or tilts in the urban environment, like publications, conversations, events and projects. Often these gestures endeavour to trigger an awareness of what might be possible, offering small visions of potential futures taking seed in the present moment.

When I pitched this column (it’s not really a column but a series of thematically linked journalistic pieces), Arts Hub welcomed it and have graciously published it since 2008 despite my somewhat sporadic publishing schedule. At that time, there didn’t seem to be enough culutral writing and exploration of that kind of work in urban environments and now it’s grown exponentially. It is  a node in my world of writing that includes Changescaping, Placing, and, now, Enabling Suburbs. There are other smaller and older projects too, like Wording, CataBlogue and Transmission Lines. With this post, I hoped to mark this small milestone and draw attention to this body of work as an exploration of practices focused on writing, place and culture.

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