UNSITELY | Cosplay in Aspley

Posted on 29/09/2011


I do enjoy these unsitely moments (a term I have drawn out of Maria Miranda’s work on unsitely aesethics). Just spotted walking along Gympie Road – a group of late teens all dressed in similar attire, with stunning hair. From my vantage point across the expanse of road, I couldn’t really get a good look but they were all wearing long black and red coats. The boys wore long black coats detailed with red clouds, and the girl wore a long red coat with what looked like a goldish vest lashed across the front, some black detailing. She was carrying a tied bundle on her back. They looked ‘kind of manga’ but I am not able to decode beyond that. By the time I crossed the road, they were long gone. Upon searching Google I discovered that this was cosplay – in ASPLEY!! Gives me pause to consider the permeability of the suburbs and how cultural connection and expression are roosting.

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