QUOTE | Practice, an art becoming

Posted on 28/12/2011


In an interview with artist and spacemaker Ava Bromberg, in There Goes The Neighbourhood, she talks about her approach to practice, she says:

“On the level of daily experience I think of art as what expands the horizon of what people conceive to be possible … I think art, all of a sudden, is needed everywhere in a really profound way. To open up horizons for new possibilities for oneself and others. To remind us to play. The catalyst can be poetic; what it inspires can be utilitarian and vice versa!

“On the level of my daily experience (and what I would call my practice) I continue to work to expand my own horizons and to work in ways that make expansion available to others. That’s just what happened to my practice, and why I ended up seeking an advanced degree in urban planning in order to do my (art)work, to be a better physical and discursive spacemaker, and a more efficient researcher and writer.”

Pungent and resonant.

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