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Posted on 06/01/2012


More than 30 civic organizations have just been added to the Global City 2.0 ‘urban civic movements world-map’, including Placing. I’m thrilled that Placing is included on the map, as the first initiative from Australia, as it acknowledges that writing about cities, communities and places is integral to urban change. It also recognises that writers are part of that process. Thank you José Carlos Mota.

The civic movement ‘Cidades pela Retoma’,  based in Portugal (, invites partners to create a network called ‘GLOBAL CITY 2.0’, an open invitation to groups and individuals (academics, researchers, journalists, artists, decision-makers or engaged citizens) who wish to think about the role of ‘urban civic movements’ and their potential to transform cities and urban life, especially in these hard economic times.

The ‘Global City 2.0’ network is currently producing a worldwide map of ’blogs or websites of street-, neighbourhood- or city-based organizations, promoted by citizens or groups that wish to think collectively about the future of the places where they live and work, where they can share information, see who else is working in their field and start collaborative work on common issues. Better and more informed practices may emerge from networking and sharing our common problems and goals. You are invited to map your ‘urban civic organization’ in our website and to send us information regarding initiatives or activities developed so you could share and spread it.

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