STORIES | Suburban scenarios

Posted on 20/01/2012


I’ve been thinking about suburban narratives and the kinds of images, scenarios and stories that emerge. Australia calls itself an urban nation but it’s more appropriate to recognise it as a suburban nation – 80% of us live in suburbs – even post-suburban. Various ideas emerging in the face of population growth and climate change such as:

  • Slumburbia (crisis, displacement, another cycle of flight)
  • Repair and retrofit (urbanise, localise, infill, pedestrianise etc)
  • Suburbia 2.0 (teleworking, technology parks. mobility etc)
  • Edible/Green suburbs (permaculture, agriculture, forest)
  • Global suburb (a relationship to the global city and the global slum, cultural diversity/ethnoburb)
  • Civic suburbs (shared space, social/cultural capital, citizenship, governance)

I’m keen to flesh these out. I can see some signs in my own locality already – the introduction of NBN, changing demographics, the clusters of aged and low income folk, various gardening and conservation efforts, increasing density.

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