ART | Performing space, urban encounters

Posted on 22/01/2012


I’ve not explored ‘live art’ in my writing in any specific way. It arises through ideas of installation (Gordon Matta-Clark), locative media (Blast Theory), events (IASKA) and such. There’s a clear sense of these kinds of works chewing through art form boundaries, offering encounter and experience in time. I am looking for connections to some of the DIY urbanism and socially engaged projects. It’s not a huge stretch as so many DIY urban projects involve relational approaches attentive to the human, social and place dynamics of sites, including the body as site. This kind of approach – this embodied approach – ensures that we are acutely aware of being in space. The body – the human – is a central concern for designing urban space. Obviously phenomenology (Merleau-Ponty, Heidegger) is a crucial method for critical interrogation of these poetic ontologies.

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