GRANT | Cultural Writing on Public Art

Posted on 25/07/2012


I am very pleased to announce that I have received an Australia Council Visual Arts Board grant to undertake a year-long cultural writing project to develop a topographical and topological analysis of contemporary public art as an interdisciplinary practice and process. The project extends the inquiries of previous and current works Placing and Changescaping. In this context, public art is recognised as a multitude of projects, imperatives, processes and practitioners reconfiguring public space. This includes nascent, unrealised and emergent possibilities in the lived environment.

While the project will require further definition, the intent is to address artistic and interdisciplinary projects engaging and grounded in public space from an Australian perspective, speaking to a global field/commons of practices, publics and connections. It will address the intersections of public art with architecture, urban planning, landscape architecture, urban design, new media technologies and other arenas.

A range of public space imperatives have been addressed globally resulting in an apparent blossoming of interest (contestation and celebration) of public space. This contestation and celebration is realised through the work of many artistic and urbanist practices including emergent practices. New critiques of public art calling for revitalization of public art and public space; that engages the relational dimensions of public art, including ecological, curatorial, site and social priorities.

The project is founded in a need to engage an interdisciplinary lens and recognise that public art is embedded in networks of disciplines, practices and meanings, which dynamically reveal a testing ground for modes of working that can be dialogic, participatory, interventionist, collaborative and/or relational.