PROJECT | Fieldworking

Posted on 10/10/2012


I’ve been considering how to best approach my Australia Council funded public art writing project. Up until recently it’s been called ‘the public art writing project’, which doesn’t have a ring about it. With inquiries following trajectories of topography and topology, and having investigated some of the current literature (as in my previous posts on Malcolm Miles and Jill Stoner), I’ve realised that an emerging area of inquiry is ‘fieldwork’ (or methodology). This highlights my own interest in ideas about ‘the field’ of public art, which I believe is a much more interdisciplinary, relational and expanded set of practices than is ordinarily acknowledged. Hence, the title of the project is FIELDWORKING | field writing | writing field. Part of the reflexive, iterative and recursive element of this is to enable a fieldwork method in the development of the texts, and I am currently working on that process. I’m intending to organise some social media and other engagements – a facebook group, some twitter discussions, a roundtable – so please let me know if you are interested. Just email me.

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