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Posted on 27/01/2013


confluence huon picton rivers_edit
Above: Confluence of Huon and Picton Rivers

Some decades ago, after hearing him speak at the Queensland Art Gallery, I read a piece by Tim Bonyhady about Lake Pedder. It meshed with my enduring interest in questions of landscape, representation, identity, politics and geography.

After bushwalking in Tasmania – we didn’t get to Lake Pedder – John and I have decided to do more hiking and bushwalking. We are keen to do longer and harder walks that offer some challenges. In the first instance, we’ll be trying out shorter walks around SEQ. By May, we aim to participate in the Drumley Walk. Hopefully this will lead to other writing experiments.

Walking not only gives us a way of experiencing the landscape but also a way of experiencing ourselves, particularly in challenging circumstances, perhaps even those that test our abilities and strength. It’s not a human vs nature scenario but rather one of exploring some aspects of being and dwelling. It is also about ‘caring’ as developmentalism pressures and impacts mount (i.e. climate change).

This morning the weather is very unsettled, with warnings of possible tornados in South East Queensland. There have already been five along the coast as the remains of a cyclone drops heavy rains over several days. It seems different to previous rain depressions, more unstable and unpredictable, with the local creeks and waterways swollen and warnings to avoid unnecessary travel.

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