MARK | Crooked pine

Posted on 21/05/2013



I’ve bemoaned the lack of an entry statement for Aspley in other blog posts and in a letter to the editor of our local paper. The local area plan makes reference to Aspley as Brisbane’s northern gateway. As such, I think some kind of entry statement is warranted as the highway yields the usual suburban offerings of car yards, fast food, petrol stations and big box retail. Perhaps it’s a specially commissioned marker or planting of landmark trees which frame the road and bridge crossing over Cabbage Tree Creek. Perhaps it’s just some acknowledgement of here, of place, of entering somewhere (rather than a non-descript nowhere of suburbia). Perhaps it’s just recognising what already exists at that point and enhancing it, like the row of pines further up the road. While cycling along that stretch of road, I’ve noticed a crooked pine situated next to the bridge on the bank of the creek. It seems apt to acknowledge such trees given the association of that vicinity with forest, catchment rehabilitation and timber milling.The remnants of an older timber mill lie dormant in the neighbouring property, with stacks of massive logs.

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