MICRO | I spy …

Posted on 23/08/2013


John and I just brainstormed a quick list of 15 small community driven local innovations and informal activities that have made our suburban locality a better place. We have seen, encountered and participated in these things during our living, walking and cycling in Brisbane’s north and many of them have already been noted on this blog.

Garage sales and street stalls

Street and community parties


Front yard and verge fruit and vegetable growing, seed bombing


Public art, chalking and murals

Street furniture

Car park concerts and social gatherings


Informal commoning

Hole in the wall and footpath businesses


Suspended coffees


Working bees like tree planting events, catchment maintenance and ‘clean up Australia’

Front yard skate ramp

Community gardens

New and improvised pathways and shortcuts

Tree houses

Interestingly, many of these ventures roll and spill out of homes and businesses into underutilised public or semi-public spaces, like verges and carparks. Domestic and private spaces become more porous and open as residents share and participate. It’s the not the kind of activity ordinarily attributed to suburban communities, though I suspect it has always been there in various guises, like cul de sac cricket and street parties.

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