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Posted on 16/11/2013


2013-11-13 17.24.55

In the heart of Aspley, at the intersection of Maundrell Tce and Albany Creek Road, is a large traffic island on which an overgrown and generally ignored copse of trees has flourished. Recently, the undergrowth has been cleared and some of the smaller trees removed, leaving a sparser cluster of trees. With the undergrowth removed, I’ve just noticed that there are two Moreton Bay Figs presiding over the traffic island.

There is probably more clearing and cleaning to occur on the site, which has in the past attracted dumped rubbish and disused appliances, to reveal more of the other tree. Sadly, however, the clearing may disrupt the home of the curlew pair which nest in the undergrowth each year.

I wonder if these are the significant trees referred to in the Aspley District Local Plan, which are supposedly located on the corner of Gayford Street and Albany Creek Road (meaning they are incorrectly indicated on the plan). John speculates that the two trees might have framed the entrance of a former property or are remnants of forest that may have once lined the creek which flows nearby.


There are several posts in this blog about how trees mark place, tell stories about place and help us read the landscape.

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