POST | The Legacy of Bernardi Secchi

Posted on 17/12/2014


I am sharing this post from the Society and Space website. It explores the legacy of Bernardo Secchi and raises a couple of things I have never heard before. Apparently, he write considerably on the still fundamental issue of ‘comment vivre ensemble’ (how to live together), which strongly relates to the threads woven through Placing in relation to synoikismos. It is an idea drawn from Roland Barthes’ work – comment vivre ensemble – which characterises our living together as ‘idiorrythmy’, “a productive form of living together in which one recognises and respects the individual rhythms of the other”. I’ve not encountered these particular ideas before. As chance would have it I have opened on my desk another essay by Barthes titled Incidents. His work continues to be a reference point in my own projects and explorations of space, place and territory.

The new urban question – A conversation on the legacy of Bernardo Secchi with Paola Pellegrini: An interview with Paola Pellegrini, urbanist and scholar, and Secchi’s associate for 12 years, is asked her to offer a personal and professional reflection on Secchi’s intellectual legacy.

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