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Posted on 13/04/2019


Long Time, No See? is developed by an interdisciplinary team of artists, urban practitioners, designers and web developers. Because Long Time, No See? is a multi-platform work, a framework and an artwork, we have been able to work with it in quite innovative and experimental ways, encouraging others to use it as a starting point in their own explorations. In the Long Time, No See? project participants are guided on a walk using an app (also available as a printable Field Book) that sets out nine stopping points at which participants contribute text, image and/or sound to an online interactive work that reveals ‘care’ as a relational and territorialising intensity. Each completed walk is remapped, through mobile GPS, to create a visual representation of the territory that has been walked. Once posted online, keywords (or tags) link the walks to each other revealing a networked cartography of experience, place and thought. This is set against a backdrop of image and audio that is generated by massive environmental and demographic datasets. The poetics of the work are based on cartographic and meteorological metaphors that endeavour to reveal contours, wayfaring and patterns.

The digital components of the project are no longer live but the printable artist books/field books can be downloaded from the links below.

Long Time, No See? Field Book


Long Time, No See? Workshop: Setting you Compass


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