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UPDATE | What’s going on in there?

January 15, 2014


In writing I Spy … Scenes from micro-suburbia, we partly sought to highlight the ways in which domestic or private spaces spill into public, social and community experiences in sububan areas. We commented at the release of the booklet that we would continue to explore our locality and update it with interesting and notable practices […]

PUBLICATION |I spy … scenes from micro-suburbia

December 18, 2013


Together with John Armstrong, I have produced a pamphlet, I spy … scenes from micro-suburbia, as part of the Enabling Suburbs project. The pamphlet captures scenes from our sububan locality and endeavours to show some of the nuances and subtleties of suburban environments and life. While there has been a blossoming of engagement with DIY […]

PROJECT | Public Art as Minor Architecture?

September 19, 2012


I’ve been trying to develop an interesting methodology so that my public art writing project has relevance and potency. As part of my research, I found some references to Jill Stoner’s Toward a Minor Architecture, a book that seems relevant to questions of public art. My central thought here was whether I might frame public […]

NEWS | From your place to poor place

August 14, 2012


Picking over this morning’s influx of newsletters, social media feeds and the like, our urban environments seem to be making headlines. In Brisbane, the Council has announced a plan to improve pedestrian experience and public space as well as linkages in the city’s bikeways. In the USA, there are more headlines about sprawl with particular […]

TEXT | You Better Run to the City of Refuge

January 29, 2012


An article written in 1995 for the 4ZZZ 15th anniversary magazine, Sounds Like a Jilted Generation, edited by Jane Doyle. Ideas about heterotopia, territory, community and politics.

TALK | Deliberative change

January 15, 2012


In my work in community engagement and consultation, I am interested in the ways in which communities or groups can address and talk about climate change – or any kind of positive change. A thread in this project has been about conversation and negotiation. Not that I have done any substantive work in this area […]

CHANGESCAPING | TALK | Placeblogging

December 21, 2011


At the Right to the City Symposium held in April 2011, Jesse Adams Stein, blogger of Penultimo, convened a panel to discuss placeblogging. In framing the event, Jesse blogged “place blogs enact a very specific act of watching, witnessing, monitoring, recording, sometimes celebrating, sometimes protesting – on a very local level.” The panel was comprised […]

CHANGESCAPING | TALK | Right to the City

December 20, 2011


In her keynote address for the Right to the City Symposium, held in April 2011, Professor in the Department of Urban Planning and Design at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, Margaret Crawford, made an unusual plea. She asked that the urge towards a ‘hypercritical’ response be quelled to enable a different approach to exploring […]

CHANGESCAPING | TALK | There Goes The Neighbourhood

December 16, 2011


A 2009 exhibition and publication project explored conditions in the inner city Sydney suburb of Redfern as an exploded field of  contestation. Grounded in community and activism, this arts project presented diverse approaches adopted by artists and urban practitioners to undermine the ideological rendering of urbanism and urban decision making. There Goes The Neighbourhood: Redfern […]

CHANGESCAPING | A book embedded in a blog

April 13, 2011


It’s taken me a while to figure out how Changescaping will sit in and emerge from this blog. The question there is how a book can be embedded in a blog but still be a standalone work. In response, I’ve set up a new page which links to the stories and articles as they are […]