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SPEED | A slower pace

March 5, 2013


Yesterday I took my first walk to the supermarket on my own since my surgery. Over my six week recovery period I am supposed to build up to 30 minutes walking daily. However, I tend to walk as much as my body can stand so am easily managing to walk 20 minutes or so two […]

DESIGN | Concrete is not streetscaping

January 13, 2012


Recently my mother received a letter from the Council explaining that footpath improvements and streetscaping works would be happening at nights along Gympie and Albany Creek Roads, at the central intersection in Aspley. These works have already commenced, though I am yet to see any signs of streetscaping. All I’ve seen so far is new […]

QUESTION | What does sustainability look like?

January 10, 2012


Last year, a largish residential block in my local area was subdivided into three (above, outlined in red). An oversized lowset family home, probably built in the 60s/70s, was demolished and three two-storey family homes were approved (below, two of the three houses are built). I’ve wondered if that house and the one two doors […]

DESIGN | Of stories and memes

January 9, 2012


I’m taking a small liberty with the idea of design fiction (or architectural fiction), as a kind of literary figuring or rhetoric. In general, a design fiction is an approach to design drawn from speculation; a story we can tell ourselves or a metaphor we can contrive about how things could or should be. Even […]

SYMPOSIUM | Healthy, sustainable suburbs

September 22, 2011


Earlier this week, I attended an AHURI symposium on the the topic of ‘Healthy, Sustainable Suburbs’ which presented new research on issues of housing, greyfield redevelopment, health and household behaviour. I could only stay for the first presentation by Professor Peter Newton, who presented research exploring a new development model for housing regeneration in greyfield […]

QUOTE | The Architecture of Happiness

December 11, 2009


My partner, John, read an extract from Alain de Botton’s The Architecture of Happiness to me yesterday. It raises so many issues that I wanted to reproduce it here so that I can begin to unravel and consider it as part of Placing. On pages 254 – 255, de Botton writes: The building of new […]

DESIGN | A forest of bollards

August 25, 2009


Recently, while walking along this path, my partner and I were hassled by cars wanting to park on the footpath outside the big name franchise pizza shop. It’s not the first time it happened and it was common for pedestrians to have to negotiate cars as they walked along here. There could often be six […]