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REPORT |Projects: Fieldworking and Long Time, No See?

October 16, 2014


This week I completed, to full draft, the Fieldworking project, which was funded by the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council. Fieldworking was intended as a year-long art writing project that would topologically and topographically examine public art and cultural space. In a general sense, this is what I am referring to by the […]

FIELDWORKING | Meaning and Things

November 9, 2013


Something interesting has emerged from my initial writing for Fieldworking – an unfolding of field, meaning and things. Two citations, in particular, point to this: Yann Calberac proposes “the field is no longer where one extracts data, but almost [always] a place where one produces meaning”. Francesco Careri’s work proposes “walking as an aesthetic tool […]


November 2, 2013


I am wondering if this week has been a watershed week. I am not entirely sure. There’s been some incremental movement towards projects I’ve been trying to move forward for far too long. Particularly Fieldworking. I am enjoying the documentation roughly collated as blog posts of the three walks and the slow shaping of the […]

FIELDWORKING | Aspley: Along Little Cabbage Tree Creek

October 29, 2013


PROLOGUE: Straight, Forward ASPLEY, AU: Along Little Cabbage Tree Creek CHRISTCHURCH, NZ: SCAPE 7 Public Art Biennial EPILOGUE —oOo— A walk through my suburb of Aspley and surrounds. In part, I hoped to develop my experience of this place and discover different ways of being here. I was aware from my regular walking and cycling […]

FIELDWORKING | Hobart: Battery Point, MONA FOMA, GASP! & Port Arthur

October 28, 2013


This walk is comprised of several walks and forays. Earlier this year, John and I ventured to Hobart for MONA FOMA. My intention when we head off was to document the experience of MONA FOMA for Fieldworking and to explore my experience of the festival as fieldwork and public art. However, as with most explorations, […]

FIELDWORKING | Christchurch: SCAPE 7 Public Art Biennial

October 8, 2013


PROLOGUE: Straight, Forward ASPLEY, AU: Along Little Cabbage Tree Creek CHRISTCHURCH, NZ: SCAPE 7 Public Art Biennial EPILOGUE —oOo— View from the Physics Room, Cnr Tuam and High Streets. Photo: JM John Armstrong Walking around a city that has endured a major disaster is an especially strange and unsettling experience. With 70% of the buildings […]

ENCOUNTERS| Ripples and waves

July 29, 2013


I’d like to be able to say that my silence on this blog is attributable to being extremely productive and focused. With an opening sentence like that, it’s clearly not the case. My work on various projects has been grinding and slow. The writing has been painful, forced and terse. And recently, while out cycling, […]

WORK | Topologies

April 18, 2013


Writing, specifically my writing, feels broken lately. Or, if not broken, then perhaps breaking and brittle. Not quite holding together, not fluid or flexible. Too utilitarian to be useful. This breaking feels somewhat tender and tenuous. What I am yet to figure is whether this break is fracture or puncture, fissure or wounding. A breaking […]

FIELDWORKING | Species of Spaces

April 15, 2013


I was at the hospital today reading Species of Spaces by Georges Perec (full PDF online). It is both a work of writing space and a manual for doing so. Perec writes: Spaces have multiplied, been broken up and have diversified. There are spaces today of every kind and every size, for every use and […]

READ | Pathways and wayfaring

March 15, 2013


For my current research on Fieldworking, I am reading various works on walking. Several tabs are open on my browser as I flip between key texts to develop the framework for the project: Art of Fieldwork, Mental Maps, Ways of Walking … This morning, and pursuant to my earlier post about pathways, sites and territories, […]