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SCAN | Feminist infrastructures

September 17, 2017


My PhD research examines sustainable infrastructure (socio-technical) transitions. When I started it, it seemed about as far away from arts and cultural writing that I could get. However, the infrastructural focus does lend itself to thinking and writing about technoculture and socio-technological dynamics in motile and multi-scalar ways – shifting from the local to the […]

UPDATE | What’s going on in there?

January 15, 2014


In writing I Spy … Scenes from micro-suburbia, we partly sought to highlight the ways in which domestic or private spaces spill into public, social and community experiences in sububan areas. We commented at the release of the booklet that we would continue to explore our locality and update it with interesting and notable practices […]

ENCOUNTERS| Ripples and waves

July 29, 2013


I’d like to be able to say that my silence on this blog is attributable to being extremely productive and focused. With an opening sentence like that, it’s clearly not the case. My work on various projects has been grinding and slow. The writing has been painful, forced and terse. And recently, while out cycling, […]

EXPLORE | Reserved

July 8, 2013


It was a glorious sun drenched winter’s day yesterday with a bright blue sky. My partner John and I decided to spend the day cycling and exploring more of our locality. There are a few paths and places that we wanted to investigate leading in to a proposed community based and collaborative project we hope […]