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LOCAL | Moreton Bay Figs

November 16, 2013


In the heart of Aspley, at the intersection of Maundrell Tce and Albany Creek Road, is a large traffic island on which an overgrown and generally ignored copse of trees has flourished. Recently, the undergrowth has been cleared and some of the smaller trees removed, leaving a sparser cluster of trees. With the undergrowth removed, […]

FIELDWORKING | Aspley: Along Little Cabbage Tree Creek

October 29, 2013


PROLOGUE: Straight, Forward ASPLEY, AU: Along Little Cabbage Tree Creek CHRISTCHURCH, NZ: SCAPE 7 Public Art Biennial EPILOGUE —oOo— A walk through my suburb of Aspley and surrounds. In part, I hoped to develop my experience of this place and discover different ways of being here. I was aware from my regular walking and cycling […]

FIELDWORKING | Hobart: Battery Point, MONA FOMA, GASP! & Port Arthur

October 28, 2013


This walk is comprised of several walks and forays. Earlier this year, John and I ventured to Hobart for MONA FOMA. My intention when we head off was to document the experience of MONA FOMA for Fieldworking and to explore my experience of the festival as fieldwork and public art. However, as with most explorations, […]

ENCOUNTERS| Ripples and waves

July 29, 2013


I’d like to be able to say that my silence on this blog is attributable to being extremely productive and focused. With an opening sentence like that, it’s clearly not the case. My work on various projects has been grinding and slow. The writing has been painful, forced and terse. And recently, while out cycling, […]

WALK | Taking a hike

June 8, 2013


Yesterday, the Enabling Suburbs team – architect Jason Haigh, planner Ben Iser, my partner John and I – undertook a local walk with artist Mandy Ridley. Mandy is working on a public artwork that is part of a new stretch of cycleway running along and across Cabbage Tree Creek. As we knew Mandy through a […]

PAST | Reading the landscape

March 12, 2013


I’m writing at the meeting point of a few writings and threads, including my current immersion in revising the workshop for Long Time, No See? for which I’m addressing the recognition of traditional owners and this has triggered some connections … Aspley is located in the traditional territories of the Turrbal people who occupied the […]

RESEARCH | Territories & Pathways

March 7, 2013


Here are some extracts from research completed for Aboriginal and Cultural Heritage Assessments produced last year. Over a few projects, I endeavoured to consider the interweave of geography and history with a view to recognising that sites alone are not representative of the Aboriginal view of land and culture. In fact, I think a focus […]

LOSS | Bunya Pine

November 8, 2011


Storm brewing. Photo: JM John Armstrong. 2010 I’ve maintained a vigil today, nothing dramatic, just quiet observation of the removal of a majestic old bunya pine at the back of the Aspley Hotel. The 25 metre tree has been part of the local landscape for as long as I can remember, having initially moved to […]

BRISBANE | City of Views

November 5, 2011


This week I attended a forum addressing the city’s economic development with consideration for culture and identity. Up for discussion was the proposition that the city needed an ‘icon’ – a building that makes a statement about and symbolises the city’s importance. All city’s should encourage architectural excellence. Every building an administration approves or saves […]