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PUBLICATION |I spy … scenes from micro-suburbia

December 18, 2013


Together with John Armstrong, I have produced a pamphlet, I spy … scenes from micro-suburbia, as part of the Enabling Suburbs project. The pamphlet captures scenes from our sububan locality and endeavours to show some of the nuances and subtleties of suburban environments and life. While there has been a blossoming of engagement with DIY […]

FABLE | Buildings and birds

May 11, 2013


A busy mind is useless. This morning I decided to take a longer than usual bike ride to clear my head so that I can spend most of the weekend focusing on some pressing tasks. Having reached Lemke Road, I thought I could cycle along the Deagon Deviation bikeway, which I have not ridden yet; […]

PLANNING | Repeat after me: transport, housing, jobs

December 7, 2012


The State of Australian Cities 2012 was released this week by the Federal Government. This is the third such report produced to monitor key indicators of our nation’s cities, recognising cities as major population and economic centres generating the most significant environmental impacts. Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese is reported by The Australian as highlighting the […]

NARRATIVE | Making meaning

December 1, 2012


I always enjoy serendipity. Yesterday, during a presentation by a consultant with expertise in knowledge management, we were talking about some survey findings. He used the term ‘narrative capture’, a term I had never heard before that has a particular application in the KM field. I am aware of some knowledge management methods e.g. sensemaking […]