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ESSAY | Gender, Work & Planning Melbourne

December 3, 2013


I just posted this on my research blog as part of my postgrad work. Thought it belonged here too. Over the past couple of years lecturers have circulated information about the Women’s Planning Network’s Rising Star Scholarship, which invites submissions of 3000 word essays addressing gender and urban planning in a Victorian/Melbourne context. This year, […]

MATHS | Graph Theory

September 14, 2013


The local newsagent is sometimes surprising when, buried in the cheap remaindered books, a completely unexpected title appears. Today, it was a book titled From Tube Maps to Neural Networks: The theory of graphs by Claudi Alsina. I’d never heard of graph theory – though it’s not surprising that such a theory exists. Graph theory […]

PLAN | Plan it and they will come

April 29, 2013


Yesterday, John and I explored Nundah after poking around some markets. As a suburb that has received the village and SCIP treatment (regeneration), uncomfortably close to a major shopping centre in neighbouring Toombul, Nundah is well situated on a train line for transit oriented development. The suburb has reclaimed its high street after traffic was […]

READ | Planning/Conviviality

March 9, 2013


I’ve just been reminded, by Luke J, of the remarkable writings of Ivan Illich. I recall reading some of this work in the 80s as it was embraced by progressive thinkers, educators and activists. As I revisit it – Tools for Conviviality – the commentary about professions and institutions still seems relevant and resonant. I’d […]

COMMUNICATION | Informed action

January 2, 2013


As a postcript to my earlier post about urban writing, I recalled a recent essay by Bent Flyvberg addressing how research can impact public deliberation, policy, and practice (see ‘Why Mass Media Matter to Planning Research: The Case of Megaprojects’, Journal of Planning Education and Research, 32(2) 169–181). He draws on his formulation of “phronetic […]

PLANNING | Repeat after me: transport, housing, jobs

December 7, 2012


The State of Australian Cities 2012 was released this week by the Federal Government. This is the third such report produced to monitor key indicators of our nation’s cities, recognising cities as major population and economic centres generating the most significant environmental impacts. Infrastructure Minister Anthony Albanese is reported by The Australian as highlighting the […]

PRACTICE | Power, Value & Equity

November 5, 2012


As my earlier post noted, there is a weariness and wariness of regeneration initiatives that tend to displace the most vulnerable and overwrite the symbolic capital of a place. The rhetoric of healthy, inclusive and thriving communities often doesn’t seem to match the practice. In part, I suspect, that’s because planning continually refuses to acknowledge […]

RESEARCH | Planning, phronesis & practice

November 5, 2012


The Urban Matters website is promoting an event due to occur later this month at the Vienna University of Technology. The event, Planning Unplanned, explores the “New Role of the Urban Practitioner”. This inquiry intersects neatly with my own as all my projects – Placing, Changescaping, Enabling Suburbs and Fieldworking – are grounded by different […]

NEWS | From your place to poor place

August 14, 2012


Picking over this morning’s influx of newsletters, social media feeds and the like, our urban environments seem to be making headlines. In Brisbane, the Council has announced a plan to improve pedestrian experience and public space as well as linkages in the city’s bikeways. In the USA, there are more headlines about sprawl with particular […]

QUOTE | Practice, an art becoming

December 28, 2011


In an interview with artist and spacemaker Ava Bromberg, in There Goes The Neighbourhood, she talks about her approach to practice, she says: “On the level of daily experience I think of art as what expands the horizon of what people conceive to be possible … I think art, all of a sudden, is needed […]