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COMMUNITY | Projects, Networks, Connections

May 12, 2013


With several workshop and presentation events marked in the Long Time, No See? Project’s diary, I’ve been giving some thought to various ideas informing the project and how we can make the most of them for our conversations with others. While letting my mind wander this morning, I started to join some more dots between […]

RESEARCH | Planning, phronesis & practice

November 5, 2012


The Urban Matters website is promoting an event due to occur later this month at the Vienna University of Technology. The event, Planning Unplanned, explores the “New Role of the Urban Practitioner”. This inquiry intersects neatly with my own as all my projects – Placing, Changescaping, Enabling Suburbs and Fieldworking – are grounded by different […]

EXPLORE | Planning change, changing planning

April 29, 2012


I’ve had my head down in my studies of late with a couple of projects addressing urban challenges and change. I continue to feel my way through this massive field of urban studies, recently commenting to a colleague when we participated in a forum on the digital economy that I am not studying planning to […]

IDEAS | Entropy, Excess, Negentropy

November 6, 2011


In some reading about entropic urbanism, I’ve encountered again the work of Peter Sloterdijk, a German philosopher and author of sphere theory which offers a form of spatial interpretation. There’s something here I might need to pay attention to and extrapolate together with an earlier interest in negentropy in relation to urban environments. Jean Attali […]

SYMPOSIUM | Healthy, sustainable suburbs

September 22, 2011


Earlier this week, I attended an AHURI symposium on the the topic of ‘Healthy, Sustainable Suburbs’ which presented new research on issues of housing, greyfield redevelopment, health and household behaviour. I could only stay for the first presentation by Professor Peter Newton, who presented research exploring a new development model for housing regeneration in greyfield […]

DESIGN | A forest of bollards

August 25, 2009


Recently, while walking along this path, my partner and I were hassled by cars wanting to park on the footpath outside the big name franchise pizza shop. It’s not the first time it happened and it was common for pedestrians to have to negotiate cars as they walked along here. There could often be six […]

PROCESS | Creative Consultation, Creative Consultants

August 24, 2009


Community engagement is (or should be) integral to the work of planning and urban design and, when undertaken appropriately, engagement can release and channel creativity and searching. Negotiations with communities/local residents about how places and space change is, in theory, embedded within design and planning practice. I’ve just ordered Wendy Sarkissian’s book, Speakout: The Step-By-Step […]