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UPDATE | What’s going on in there?

January 15, 2014


In writing I Spy … Scenes from micro-suburbia, we partly sought to highlight the ways in which domestic or private spaces spill into public, social and community experiences in sububan areas. We commented at the release of the booklet that we would continue to explore our locality and update it with interesting and notable practices […]

PUBLICATION | The New Rules of Public Art

January 9, 2014


The Bristol-based public art organisation Situations has launched its new publication: The New Rules of Public Art. Here is a poster summary of the publication.

FIELDWORKING | Aspley: Along Little Cabbage Tree Creek

October 29, 2013


PROLOGUE: Straight, Forward ASPLEY, AU: Along Little Cabbage Tree Creek CHRISTCHURCH, NZ: SCAPE 7 Public Art Biennial EPILOGUE —oOo— A walk through my suburb of Aspley and surrounds. In part, I hoped to develop my experience of this place and discover different ways of being here. I was aware from my regular walking and cycling […]

FIELDWORKING | Hobart: Battery Point, MONA FOMA, GASP! & Port Arthur

October 28, 2013


This walk is comprised of several walks and forays. Earlier this year, John and I ventured to Hobart for MONA FOMA. My intention when we head off was to document the experience of MONA FOMA for Fieldworking and to explore my experience of the festival as fieldwork and public art. However, as with most explorations, […]

WALK | Taking a hike

June 8, 2013


Yesterday, the Enabling Suburbs team – architect Jason Haigh, planner Ben Iser, my partner John and I – undertook a local walk with artist Mandy Ridley. Mandy is working on a public artwork that is part of a new stretch of cycleway running along and across Cabbage Tree Creek. As we knew Mandy through a […]

MARK | Crooked pine

May 21, 2013


I’ve bemoaned the lack of an entry statement for Aspley in other blog posts and in a letter to the editor of our local paper. The local area plan makes reference to Aspley as Brisbane’s northern gateway. As such, I think some kind of entry statement is warranted as the highway yields the usual suburban […]


January 23, 2013


As noted earlier, I’m using panorama photographs as part of the research, mapping and documentation process for Fieldworking. The panoramic image has been made all the more accessible and seamless since the introduction of digital photography. With the enhanced functionality of mobile phone and digital cameras, the panorama is achievable. For Fieldworking, the panorama offers […]