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RURAL | Centre for Rural Engagement

March 5, 2023


Another resource to add to my list. The Centre for Rural Engagement is based at Indiana University Bloomington, USA. It’s mission is to “calls on the research, expertise, teaching, and service of IU Bloomington faculty, staff, and students to address the challenges Indiana communities face and to enhance opportunities in collaboration with communities. We are […]

RURAL | Developing Case Studies

February 19, 2023


This project is drawing to a close and I will need to finalise my case studies. While I have published notes here, I have not necessarily written the studies. These are intended to reflect and respond to some of Thorbeck’s work, but as became apparent in the early investigations tensions between Country and Rural, the […]

RURAL | Farmsteads

January 21, 2023


Thorbeck’s work on rural design includes studies of farmsteads. He traces historic and cultural development of farmsteads as clusters of buildings – both private and industrial – on farms. This isn’t part of my study except it does highlight the need for masterplanning and design on farms based on sound organising and sustainability principles. A […]

RURAL | Land Use Strategy

December 5, 2022


Australia has no land use strategy or policy; let alone a collective consciousness and learning of Country and the sacred. Rather, land use is managed and governed through a policy mix (often competing and contradictory) with the states constitutionally having most responsibility for land use through planning and resource policy. ClimateWorks’s projects on land use […]

RURAL | Agriculture transitions

December 1, 2022


This work to date has not included much writing about theory. Thorbeck’s work has the sense of applied theory to develop a design thinking framework. Several references have been made to sustainable transitions and system transformation – both of these ideas have theoretical grounding and are embedded in theory building. Primarily, transitions theory and complex […]

RURAL | Agri-sprawl

November 26, 2022


Agri-sprawl or agricultural sprawl is a reference to the expansion of agricultural land use. By association it involves land clearing to create pasture and fields. Land clearing or deforestation is a major issue in Australia with significant impacts on biodiversity and habitat. Like urban sprawl which proliferates suburban development, agriculture sprawl prioritises rural land uses […]

RURAL | Learning

November 21, 2022


One of the things that I have not written much about is how ideas of learning are embedded in design and transitions. In transitions, system change is system learning. In sustainable transitions theory, learning is “inherent to the experimental and action-oriented nature of transition pathways, which develop in uncertain and often contested wider contexts characterising […]

RURAL | Grounded, grounding

November 20, 2022


This post is likely to diverge into multiple ways of knowing regions and territory. Paul Carter’s Ground Truthing: Explorations in a Creative Region poses an alternative idea of ground truthing to shift it from its technical application. He proposes an alternative that is “a philosophy of creative regions. If it succeeds it shows that the […]

RURAL | Some points

November 18, 2022


At this stage, I am orienting my work towards reporting findings and making conclusions. This project was always focused on writing and publishing with a view to imprinting some alternative approaches to rural and regional planning and design and garnering interest in rural design. There are many competing claims on land and landscapes in this […]

RURAL | Advice from the 1920s …

November 17, 2022


It still rings true today. Posted by FarmingUK on facebook.