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DEFINE | Emergency

February 26, 2013


I noted Elaine Scarry’s book The Body in Pain in my previous post, having been told about it by a friend. Upon further googling, I found a more recent work, Thinking in an Emergency, in which Scarry discusses the nature and state of emergency, including the condition of ‘chronic emergency’ in which we now live. […]

TRANSPORT | Fare’s Fair

February 1, 2012


A grumpy exchange unfolds on a facebook wall after a comment is made about the increasing cost of bus fares. In January, all public transport fares were increased by 15 per cent – significantly out of kilter with CPI – by the state government. News reports about the rise had Ministers jarringly urging residents to […]

TALK | Deliberative change

January 15, 2012


In my work in community engagement and consultation, I am interested in the ways in which communities or groups can address and talk about climate change – or any kind of positive change. A thread in this project has been about conversation and negotiation. Not that I have done any substantive work in this area […]

SPEND | Household budget

January 11, 2012


I’ve done a diagnostic on my household budget. I do this annually for all the usual reasons and some unusual ones like gaining an understanding of the environmental and social impact of the household consumption and spending. After looking at the ACF’s Australian Consumption Atlas, I just wanted to understand more about the impacts of […]

QUESTION | What does sustainability look like?

January 10, 2012


Last year, a largish residential block in my local area was subdivided into three (above, outlined in red). An oversized lowset family home, probably built in the 60s/70s, was demolished and three two-storey family homes were approved (below, two of the three houses are built). I’ve wondered if that house and the one two doors […]

DATA | Australian Consumption

December 19, 2011


The Australian Conservation Foundation’s (ACF) interactive Consumption Atlas provides data about consumption by postcode and the environmental impact of that consumption. It calculates how much water and land is used, and how much greenhouse pollution is created, to support our lifestyles. The good people of Aspley generate 19.85 tonnes of greenhouse pollution per person per […]

EXTRACT | Suburbs are the front line

December 6, 2011


Despite my best intentions, I didn’t engage with Lifeboat Cities by Brendan Gleeson when it was released in 2010. Some of the ideas about suburbs expressed in Heartlands are carried through this work. In an article published on The Fifth Estate, he discusses Lifeboat Cities and its address of the challenges facing cities with consideration […]