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EMERGE | Writing Infrastructure

June 10, 2015


It’s taken a while to return to this site, to pick up some threads and write with them. Much has emerged from these projects, especially Fieldworking, and it is yet to settle. A new project is taking shape, triggered by thoughts and connections springing from the lines and mesh of Fieldworking, but also referring to […]

POST | The Legacy of Bernardi Secchi

December 17, 2014


I am sharing this post from the Society and Space website. It explores the legacy of Bernardo Secchi and raises a couple of things I have never heard before. Apparently, he write considerably on the still fundamental issue of ‘comment vivre ensemble’ (how to live together), which strongly relates to the threads woven through Placing […]


October 9, 2014


PROLOGUE: Straight, Forward ASPLEY, AU: Along Little Cabbage Tree Creek CHRISTCHURCH, NZ: SCAPE 7 Public Art Biennial EPILOGUE —oOo— The encounters documented and described in Fieldworking tell us something about the tendencies, often invisible, that are respectively inflected in the rebuild of Christchurch and the lived experience of suburbia, something of the habitus or structured/ing […]

QUOTE | Roberta Mock on walking in the suburbs

July 10, 2014


“I am from ‘the suburbs’ and, if there’s on thing that’s rather noticeable in autobiographical accounts of walking, it’s that walking tends to occur in either rural or urban environments rather than in the hinterlands between the two. There may be a reason for this, art-historically speaking, beyond the dearth of permissible routes through a […]

EXTRACT | Long Time, No See? Christchurch

December 16, 2013


During my visit to Christchurch this year, where I did some work towards Fieldworking, I met up with some friends and friends of friends to run an informal Long Time, No See? engagement. I’ve just received an email from one of the participants and have been working on my Fieldwriting text and this prompted me […]

READING | Words and Books for today

December 13, 2013


Random googling this morning: Mattering Maps. An idea I’ve always liked. In Divisible Lands by Dominic Pettman, available as a interactive book, ebook and printed book. Umberto Eco’s The Book of Legendary Lands, an except is available online.

RESEARCH | Territories & Pathways

March 7, 2013


Here are some extracts from research completed for Aboriginal and Cultural Heritage Assessments produced last year. Over a few projects, I endeavoured to consider the interweave of geography and history with a view to recognising that sites alone are not representative of the Aboriginal view of land and culture. In fact, I think a focus […]