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CONFERENCE | Design as caring in an urban world

January 10, 2014


I quite liked this call for papers (RGS 2014 Conference) as it succinctly and thoughtfully – even carefully – captures some interleaving of design and care (as care). It’s in keeping with some of the terrain covered during the Long Time, No See? Project. The questions are particularly important for reflecting on the project’s trajectory […]

QUOTE | The Walker’s Decalogue

November 30, 2013


From the essay ‘Walking’ by Henry David Thoreau … The wise man is restful, never restless or impatient. He each moment abides there where he is, as some walkers actually rest the whole body at each step. An early-morning walk is a blessing for the whole day. I cannot walk well or pleasantly if I […]

MATHS | Graph Theory

September 14, 2013


The local newsagent is sometimes surprising when, buried in the cheap remaindered books, a completely unexpected title appears. Today, it was a book titled From Tube Maps to Neural Networks: The theory of graphs by Claudi Alsina. I’d never heard of graph theory – though it’s not surprising that such a theory exists. Graph theory […]

EXPLORE | Reserved

July 8, 2013


It was a glorious sun drenched winter’s day yesterday with a bright blue sky. My partner John and I decided to spend the day cycling and exploring more of our locality. There are a few paths and places that we wanted to investigate leading in to a proposed community based and collaborative project we hope […]

WALK | Taking a hike

June 8, 2013


Yesterday, the Enabling Suburbs team – architect Jason Haigh, planner Ben Iser, my partner John and I – undertook a local walk with artist Mandy Ridley. Mandy is working on a public artwork that is part of a new stretch of cycleway running along and across Cabbage Tree Creek. As we knew Mandy through a […]

FIELDWORKING | Species of Spaces

April 15, 2013


I was at the hospital today reading Species of Spaces by Georges Perec (full PDF online). It is both a work of writing space and a manual for doing so. Perec writes: Spaces have multiplied, been broken up and have diversified. There are spaces today of every kind and every size, for every use and […]

SPEED | A slower pace

March 5, 2013


Yesterday I took my first walk to the supermarket on my own since my surgery. Over my six week recovery period I am supposed to build up to 30 minutes walking daily. However, I tend to walk as much as my body can stand so am easily managing to walk 20 minutes or so two […]

WALKING | Caring, writing, walking

January 27, 2013


Above: Confluence of Huon and Picton Rivers Some decades ago, after hearing him speak at the Queensland Art Gallery, I read a piece by Tim Bonyhady about Lake Pedder. It meshed with my enduring interest in questions of landscape, representation, identity, politics and geography. After bushwalking in Tasmania – we didn’t get to Lake Pedder […]


January 23, 2013


As noted earlier, I’m using panorama photographs as part of the research, mapping and documentation process for Fieldworking. The panoramic image has been made all the more accessible and seamless since the introduction of digital photography. With the enhanced functionality of mobile phone and digital cameras, the panorama is achievable. For Fieldworking, the panorama offers […]

FIELDWORKING | Aspley Test Run

December 29, 2012


John and I tested my first walk on our bicycles this week to see if the approach had legs. The cycling experience will be different to walking, but enabled us to get our bearings and consider some relationships, even if at a slightly faster speed. This first walk is a long one and so will […]