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This page is the access point for work in progress for Changescaping, which will be developed as a publication. Changescaping engages one of the the Placing Project’s overall objectives to draw out emerging and changing ideas about urban environments with a particular emphasis on the role artists, designers, planners, architects and other urbanists can play as changemakers. In part, that change is about how practice itself is understood. The publication seeks to profile and foreground work happening in the Australian context, as it can seem that Australians aren’t prominently featured in the discussions about DIY urbanism, urban interventions and the like. Changescaping also aims to think beyond categories like ‘DIY urbanism’ and ‘urban intervention’ as a way of potentiating and tracing new trajectories for planning, design and art in the urban environment, as well as cutting across typologies and disciplines.


In progress. Please read my article Changescaping: doing the city

Section One: Thought
ideas and ideation, immaterial and intangible, provocations, propositions, designs, what if …

Caring and Camping – the Noongar Native Title negotiations in Perth and caring for country in the built environment acknowledging the work of Kevin O’Brien and the site specific environmental/cultural practices of the Queensland Folk Federation.
Build Back Better
– When building means planting and cultivating. Darryl Low Choy proposes that flood affected areas of Brisbane be rehabilitated as urban forest and urban agriculture.
Potential Public Space
– Q-Garland by Donovan Hill + Hamilton Wilson presents a range of scenarios for populating, inhabiting and using spaces around the Millennium Arts Precinct in South Brisbane.
Portable Park – When city sites become vacant, they can be activated and city amenity improved through this pop up park proposal by Andrew Maynard Architects.
City Retrofitting – Two different approaches – one from Arup and the other from Queensland College of Art Design Futures – to retrofitting and defending the city in response climate change.
Reincarnated McMansion – One big house = two smaller houses. A demonstration project led by Mathieu Gallois that will rebuild a single McMansion dwelling and reuse the building materials for two smaller green homes.
Postscript: On Thought – A brief reflection on the relationships between thinking, acting and dwelling. Thought frames the intent and movement towards acting and changemaking and changescaping.

Section Two: Talk
labs, conversations, catalysts, seminars, conferences, learning, stories

Coding Cultures – A platform for sharing experiences and know-how exploring how new media technologies enable communities to express and share their stories and experiences as cultural and localised engagements with place and community.
From Social Butterfly to Urban Citizen – A two day symposium exploring how urban informatics can enhance and recast citizenship, culture and collaboration.
Retrofitting Cities for Climate Change – This Architectus Think Tank involved more than 40 Australian prominent urban designers, architects and planners working in an immersive and interdisciplinary solutions-finding environment for two days.
There Goes the Neighbourhood: Redfern and the Politics of Urban Space – A publication edited by Zanny Begg and Keg De Souza, presents diverse approaches adopted by artists and urban practitioners to undermine the ideological rendering of urbanism and urban decision making.
Right to the City – A symposium, exhibition and publication project that homed in on howmpractitioners endeavour to ‘remake’ the city in more socially connected and sustainable ways with specific attention on Sydney
Placeblogging – A panel discussion about placeblogging that continued through blogging, counter-blogging and twitter exchange. There’s life in placeblogs as they roll with the restless and eventful minutiae of everyday life; sometimes there’s gossip.
Postscript: On Talk

Section Three: Process
ways and means of doing that are mindful and changeful, present other perspectives, networks, disruption, engagement

Section Four: Make
prototypes, experiments, trials, one-offs, manifestation

Section Five: Act
things that happen, doings, actions, networking, difference, platforming

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